"..a new day is already a new beginning...what makes it yours, will be nothing else but your decision..."
Björn Solum

A new beginning, begins with a dream.

We all have dreams about our own lives, what we want to accomplish, things and experiences we want to have and discover and so forth.

I have those dreams and I'm sure you have them too, even if you might say:

"I've had my dreams, but I never managed to do something about them. And now it's just too late..."

Many people actually never become even aware of their own true dreams and desires. They simply seem to ignore those tickling feelings they might experience when their inner self shyly knocks from inside, just begging to be let free...trying to tell that "this...this is what I really want to do or to have..."

If you have found this page, this web site, it's for something. You most likely have unfulfilled dreams. You are conscious about them. And you would like to do something about it.

Your dream might still be a secret to the world around you, hidden or held back somewhere inside you.

Something is holding you back. It could be fear, it could be doubts, it could be your living conditions, it could even be what others say or you suspect they are thinking...

At this point, just trust this - It's never too late to begin living your dream. Why should it be?

It's never too late to begin anything new! Never ever. could it be?

After all, that is what happens all the time anyhow.

The end of something turns into a beginning of something else. Moments turn into new moments, an hour into another, a day ends and a new begins, day after day throughout your entire life. The whole world is beginning new beginnings all the time.

So, why shouldn't you do the same? Why shouldn't you take control over your own future? After all, that is what it´s all about. Taking control over where the rest of your life is going to take you.

To begin your new beginning is to take the leadership over how your remaining life will develop. It´s about being the boss over your own evolution. It´s about turning your dream or dreams into YOUR reality.

If you can do it?

Of course you can. Others are doing it all the time. There are no reasons to believe that you can't do the same. No reasons at all.

Actually, you're just a simple decision away. A true decision to take action. A commitment to start your journey towards your dream life.

And this is what this site is about. To make it easier for you to take that decision. To commit you for the journey. It´s about How To Begin Your New Beginning and turn that beginning into a advancing journey towards your new reality.

My name is Björn Solum. I’m a swedish 60+ male, living since more than 30 years in southern Spain. The decision to leave Sweden and come down here was taken after realising that my own dreams of a better and more fulfilling life was to be taken seriously.

I strongly believe in the importance of having something personal to strive for, something that lend us joy and meaning in our often hectic and stressful daily lives. Something that makes us prepared to find a way around, over or under our doubts and fears.

If we search for something that we truly want to have or to do, all our piled up daily tasks will get some kind of a higher purpose on a personal plane. Suddenly ”going that extra mile” becomes worth the effort and done with a feeling of joy and meaningfulness.

In that way, we create, whether we are conscious about it or not, a state of mind, which will guide us right into all those tasks needed to be done. After all, in one way or another, doing them will bring us closer to our dreams.

Your journey towards what you dream about begins with becoming mindful about what the dream is all about, acknowledging that bubbling feeling that fills you with joy, even when you're just living it in your thoughts or just see or listen to something that reminds you about it.

If you have come all the way to this site, I am sure that it is for something.

Somewhere inside yourself you know...It is time for you to do something about your dreams.

I´ll tell you something important.

You are just a decision away from beginning your new beginning.

If you look around yourself and think about it, everything in this world is created twice, first in someones thoughts and dreams and then in actions turning those dreams, desires or ideas into reality.

And what could be more fulfilling in life than dedicating your time and energy in matters important to you personally?

Trust me, if you are serious about your own life, pay attention to your dreams. Begin living your dreams!

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Björn Solum/author and committed life traveler